Rivers of Our Time Episode 5

  • 2011
  • 23 Minute

The Mekong River is deeply revered in Southeast Asia. Here the people are pious Buddhists and many folklores surround the Mekong. Spanning over 4300km, it runs from the Tibetan Plateau, through China’s Yunnan province, down to North East Thailand. She provides passage for people crossing between borders, and yields generous amounts of fish to fishermen. The Mekong has great religious significance for her people. For it is with the blessings of the Naga King, ruler of the Mekong River, that their catch is in abundance and their lives are safe from the perils of the unknown when out in the uncertainty of the Mekong River. Locals celebrate their reverence for the Naga King through the Okk Pan Saa Festival which culminates in the appearance of Phaya Naga balls which surface from the mythical river every year.

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