All About Animals Episode 11

  • 2011
  • 25 Minute

Accompanied by her witty and charming 16-year-old brother, Jake, award-winning animal lover and 10-year-old host, Olivia Todd, visits a wide range of animal experts and specialists to uncover amazing facts about these animals. The dynamic duo go from dolphin centres to wildlife parks to celebrity pet owners, meeting some fascinating people who utilise their passion for animals in their chosen careers. With an existing audience being 60% adults followed closely by 12-17 year olds, the the target market audience is families. Additionally, as an avid supporter of the RSPCA, Olivia will present information about adoption and fostering programmes in an effort to raise awareness of animal cruelty and neglect with her ultimate goal to be able to reduce the number of incidents. Furthermore, the show aims to communicate messages about animal welfare and conservation in an attempt to educate the public about endangered species around the world.

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