Jon The Sami

  • 2011
  • 53 Minute

Jon and his family live in Northern Scandinavia, above the Arctic Circle. He is a reindeer breeder and belongs to the Sami people, a semi-nomadic community. For an entire year, Corto Fajal, the film director, follows the migration of Jon’s community and its 15 000 reindeers across the breathtaking landscapes of the Sarek Mountains. Taken by the apparent harmony of Jon’s daily life, the director wonders about the fragility of this lifestyle and its paradoxes. Samis search for a balance between life in nature and the comfort brought by technology. While this modernization eases their nomadism, it weakens the autonomy of their community. Beyond the portrait of an exotic lifestyle, this film is an authentic testimony to a fragile existence. With lucidity and humility, Jon gives his voice to the camera to share with us his joys and love of nature but also his doubts about the future of his culture and community.

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