Rivers of Our Time Episode 2 - Tonle Sap

  • 2011
  • 23 Minute

Like the moon, the Tonle Sap River is in constant change. Where most of the world’s rivers change its course, none is as dramatic as this waterway which flows in opposite directions at different times of the year. It floods and retreats the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, the Tonle Sap Lake. Here in Cambodia, the river has been critical to the development of the ancient civilization of Angkor and is the floating home of “water-borne” Khmer who have celebrated its cyclical phrases for generations. They celebrate an important festival known as the Bon Om Tuk (water festival) which marks the end of the difficult rainy season and celebrates the coming of fishing season and coincides with the full moon of the Buddhist calendar month of Kadeuk.

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